Welcome and Thank you!!

Our candles are made with 100% soy wax and soy wicks. We prefer a clean non toxic burn with NO fumes.

Our fragrance is non toxic
❌parabens free
❌phthalate free
❌cruelty free
❌smoke free
❌no crackling sound
❌no flickering
❌no soot
In return you wont have any respiratory issues, headaches, damage to walls/furniture, or carbon dioxide etc..

Easy to trim after every use with burn time over 36 hours. Each candle is designed to put you in a different mood and/or take you out of your current emotions.

Let us worry about the science and health while you enjoy the smooth scent of every candle.

Customer Reviews

I just received my candle yesterday 3 days ahead of time. I lit it and the smell filled my living room fully within the hour. About 10mins after lighting I could smell it. I got the lil cuz one and it smells what i imagine a honey suckle would smell like ordering more soon

Monica J

"Shipping was faster than I thought and the candle holders were perfect. I will definitely order again."

Camila G.

Got mine early, packaging was slightly cute but I guess small businesses have budgets. As for the candle itself cute container and lid. The smell of the candle was all that I could ask for. I got the sweetsweety candle and it smells more like skittles mixed with starburst and cotton candy. Had my house smelling like a fair. Will be getting more!!

Lakeisha S.

Yo I got the fav cousin joint and my girl went crazy after I lit it. Its been a week and lets just say it probably want be that long again, on G. Gotta find the cologne that match this now but i will be back. Appreciate you and keep going

N. Pearson

"My aunt loves the candle holder. Her favorite flower is the Lotus and the coloring was perfect. Thank you for the extra 3 tea candles, was not expecting that"

Kim J.

The great aunty had my mom thinking i baked a cake in here. I think its the warm vanille one and it smell so good. My mom loves vanilla so i got this one but i think she loves this more than the original vanille. Shipping was fast and i have no complaints. Thanks

Tiana P