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Our Candles are handmade with all natural ingredients.  No harmful toxic fumes, no harmful chemicals or perservatives.  We use 100% soy for our wax and wicks to give an even, long lasting burn.  Compared to other candles we dont exchange cost for safety.  We believe you can acheive your desired scent without the harmful affects contributing to headaches, allergies, or long term ware and tare on your respiratory system. With the slow burn from our unique wax wicks you can enjoy a clean crisp and fresh smell and not worry about health concerns or that your candle wont last.  We tested our standards over and reached our goal.  Our 10.9 oz vessels (3.5inches height, 3.0 inches width) paired with our soy wax wicks will give you 36+ hours of scentful bliss.

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  • Vanilla
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  • Versace Euro's Replica
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  • Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille Replica
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